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KamdebooDream Litter 2019

Introducing Grand Champion Itsozi Blue With a Dash (Australia) , born Feb 2011, semen collected 2014 – call name Bailey, owned by Gail and Colin Arkell and Champion KamdeboDream Little Bird, born Oct 2015 – call name Annie, owned by Karen van Tonder. To our delight and relief sonar confirms minimum four puppies expected October 2019 out of imported frozen semen courtesy of Bailey .

Bailey: Best of Breed Sydney Royal 2014

Bailey Health Status:

  • Hearing – normal, right and left.
  • Dentition – full
  • HD – Australian: 0 International: A2
  • Elbow – right: 0 left: 2 (Annie 0:0)
  • DM: Carrier (Annie clear)
  • prcd-PRA: A (clear)
  • PLL: clear

With many thanks to Colin and Gail Arkell for their support and generosity that has culminated in this litter. If all goes according to our hopes, we will see the benefits in future breeding in Southern Africa.

Colin and Gail are committed to campaigning their dogs and in 2014 entered Bailey in an extraordinary number of championship shows under many different qualified judges. Numerous Best of Breed awards and a prestigious, much coveted Best in Show at Canberra All Breeds Kennel Club (Group 5) (ACT) was added to his many titles.

  • Bailey is a gorgeous boy, I love his broad, deep chest (for a big heart that allows our breed to run long distances).
  • His ears are a good size, not too big nor too small.
  • Bailey has full dentition. My early ACDs had missing teeth, 9 & 6 respectively and as our breed work with their mouths, I am committed to promoting good dentition in my breeding.
  • Bailey has what we call good bone and overall balance with a very nice top line.

What Gail says about living with Bailey:

“What can I say about Bailey? He is an amazing dog, calm, non-aggressive, exceptional temperament…. what I like to call an all round good guy”.

“Bailey’s puppies without exception all carry his great nature and construction. He was rarely beaten in the show ring and was retired at age 7 after a very successful career. He was awarded 7 Best in Group awards and a massive 19 runner up Best in Group awards. 2 Best in Show semi specialty awards, 2 runner up Best in Show Specialty. He has not been used extensively in Australia.”

Annie Health Status:

  • Hearing – Normal Right and Left
  • Dentition – full
  • HD: A2:A2
  • Elbow: 0:0
  • DM: Clear
  • prcd-PRA: Carrier (Bailey clear)
  • PLL: Clear
  • CERF : clear as at 19/11/18 (canine eye health)
  • MDR1: Clear

With heart felt thanks to Karen Van Tonder (KUSA member) of Jokara Australian Cattle Dogs (KUSA registered affix) and owner of Annie, for agreeing to do the hard work involved in raising a litter on my behalf.

Annie, bred by Helen Lachenicht (KUSA member) of Kamdeboo Dream Australian Cattle Dogs (KUSA registered affix).

Annie was born with a left eye patch that reminded me of a bird’s wing, hence her name Annie and her registered name Little Bird from the Annie Lennox song of that title. Annie is typical of our breed in all respects and has displayed good work drive. She is well balanced with good bone, a broad deep chest, nice size ears, full dentition, a lovely bushy tail, and a superb temperament.

Billy owned by Izak Van Zyl, born in July 2018 out of Annie, lives and works on a live stock farm.

Puppies to approved homes only. Please enquire:


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