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NAMPO ALFA WORKING DOG TRAINING COURSES AND BREED SHOW: Welcome back Belinda Carter and introducing Dr. Kylie Birch and her intrepid ACD Spree!

NAMPO ALFA 2021 is on this years’ calendar : 30 SEPTEMBER – 2 OCTOBER 2021.

Belinda Carter, who visited us at our first ALFA Working Dog Expo in 2018, will be joining us again this year. Belinda, who in 2018, opened our eyes to the fact we need to enhance our dogs fabulous instinct to work cattle. Kylie Birch will be joining Belinda in a hands on, (You and Your Dog) training course at NAMPO ALFA 2021. See their CVs on our CDC Website and Face Book CattleDogConnection NAMPO/ALFA –

The first time I heard the name Kylie Birch was on the internet when the news flew around the world that a Cattle Dog had been placed 2nd in Obedience at CRUFTS (“the United Kingdom’s most prestigious canine event, organised by their Kennel Club which celebrates every aspect of the role of dogs in our lives”).

For those of you who don’t know the discipline of dog obedience, the general belief is that our breed, who are are intelligent in ways that amaze and frustrate their humans, are not suited to obedience as they strongly object to the boring rigidity of the discipline. Therfore my response was: “Really, are you sure? An ACD 2nd at Crufts Obedience! Could be Fake News! I better get online immediately and check!”

This is what I found on the site: UK Obedience Class Leagues:

Results for – Downriver Free Spirit (Spree)

Handler : Kylie Birch
Breed : Australian Cattle Dog

09/03/2018Crufts Inter-regionals Beginners – IndividualCrufts (All Class Levels)38
09/03/2018Crufts Inter-regionals Beginners – Team Crufts (All Class Levels)29


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