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Hi all. I'm really happy to be a part the ACD community. I got my ACD 3 years back while living and working on Farms, we were part of a team that worked very hard towards Farm attacks and Theft ETC so she started training with us and in time she qualified as a tracking dog to the team and started with attack training but not long into that me and her went through a rough thing so we moved to PTA. We miss the farm very much and the City ain't for us.  but i love my ACD so much as she became an ESA to me.  Her name is Trigger haha all I'm saying is that name was chosen by the other team member as one of our service dogs. I always say and will never stop saying ACD one time. over and over. the personality and the Intelligence is Top Class haha. 

I recently lost my phone with allll my photos while riding Motorcycle... will add the lame ones I

have still. Over the weekend we'll do a photoshoot.

Thank u all for making this Site, Info and Community available to me.



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Here she was around between 1yr and 2yrs. shes now 3 since last Desember.